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mybam - organise anything and share it

what is mybam?

myB.A.M. stands for 'my Basic Asset Manager'. It is a project aimed at allowing anyone to create simple structures to store and manage a catalogue of any media, e.g. a music collection, and address book or even a shopping list.

what can I do with mybam?

With mybam you can create structured lists to organise just about anything without the need for a technical background. Once you have created one or more lists, you can share them with friends and family to begin swapping and sharing.

where can I get mybam?

You can create an account on this site to begin getting organised right now. Alternatively you can download a free copy of mybam to run on your own system. To find out what you need to run mybam on your own system, please refer to 'how to get mybam running on your system'.

how to get mybam running on your system

mybam is written in PHP. To get mybam running on your sytem you will need PHP support using apache or IIS. To get started, download a free copy of mybam, extract the files into a folder on your server and set write permissions to the 'mybam' folder. Once you have set permissions, open your browser to the mybam folder, e.g. http://localhost/mybam/

further developments and contributions

I will be continuing to develop and improve mybam. If you use mybam and find it useful, please contact me and let me know. Please don't hesitate to send comments or feedback by commenting on the forum or emailing me directly at gram3000 AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net. If you are a PHP developer and wish to develop mybam further or customise it for your own needs, you are more than welcome to do so, I'd like to know what people can use it for.